Job details

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Location: Mumbai & Bangalore
Salary: Rs 10 Lacs
Job Type: Permanent/ Full Time
Discipline: BE, BSC, BCA & BTECH
Reference: EXT-AWS-10-05-0033
Posted: 10-05-2021

AWS Support (3 to 5 Years Experience)

Job description

AWS cloud support engineer who has experience in hosting/setting up Drupal websites / application on cloud environment. • Will be responsible for managing AWS resources for APACHE hosted Drupal website on Linux environment • Installation of SSL certificate , Apache configuration for HTTP Strict Transport Security or SSLCipherSuite to enhance encryption and other security aspects

About the role

• Create new AWS account. with MFA • Backups and optimization of backup scripts • Install and configured MSMTP to send emails from webserver • Install Fail2Ban to block DDOS attack • Experienced with caching techniques for example: Varnish to enhance performance by caching the content • Support Drupal website deployment using Automate deployment from GitHub to AWS VM using GitHub Actions

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