Job details

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Salary: Rs 24 to 40 Lacs
Job Type: Permanent/ Full Time
Discipline: BE, BSC, BCA & BTECH
Reference: EXT-EM-26-04-0028
Posted: 26-04-2021

Engineering Manager (7 - 9 years)

Job description

We builds state of the art cloud and AI applications for the worldwide retail industry. We are driven by the promise of the technology to save time, save cost, save energy, and improve user experience for businesses and consumers all over the world. We are looking for a young colleague with an entrepreneurial mindset (preferably with startup experience, about 7 to 9 years of experience in building scalable backend/cloud applications, working with a team of 4 to 6 engineers) to help us build scalable python-driven/js-driven full-stack applications.

About the role

Actively involving in Technology development Managing a team of 4 to 6 engineers towards product development (devops, mlops, python engineers, data engineers) Managing technology documentation Working with product managers to work out sprints Hands-on experience with Python API development Developing image and video processing APIs Architecting and building scalable cloud architecture.Ability to manage engineering workflows Ability to building scalable APIs and scalable cloud architectures to process 10M photos in a single day as part of real-time and batch-processing Ability to coordinate across different products, engineering tasks, and implementing the modules along with scalability, security, extensibility in mind. Be well versed in Django-Python stack with backend tools such as Celery, Kubernetes etc. Should possess strong programming skills to write algorithms and logic in tools such as OpenCV, Scikit learn, image processing Understanding agile development, CI/CD, sprints, code reviews Knowledge/experience working with deep learning techniques is optional. We have a great work environment with an exceptional bunch of engineers and programmers. We are an early-stage startup, and it implies putting your heart out to solve problems, build systems, and doing all that is needed to win over challenges and customers.

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