Job details

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Location: Gurgaon/Chandigarh
Salary: Rs 8 to 14 Lacs
Job Type: Permanent/ Full Time
Discipline: BCA/BTECH
Reference: EXT-DSS-14-03-0021
Posted: 13-03-2021

Data Science Specialist/Senior Data Science Specialist

Job description

1. Leverage company data to drive business solutions for enterprise clients using Python. 2. Perform data collection for Data Science operations including Machine Learning on cloud(GCP/AWS/Azure). 3. Develop custom data models and algorithms to apply to data sets. 4. Use predictive modelling to increase and optimize customer experiences, revenue generation, ad targeting, and other business outcomes. 5. Assess Model accuracy using common metrics (AUC, F1, etc.) and explain the results to client stakeholders. 6. Investigate, recommend and implement data ingestion and ETL performance improvements. 7. Design and implement data pipelines, data validation strategies and plans including unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, performance testing, and validation testing.

About the role

1. 5+ years of professional experience manipulating data sets and building statistical models. 2. 5+ years of professional experience using Python as a Data Science language to manipulate large scale data sets and draw business insights. 3. Hands-on Cloud experience in a Google Cloud Platform - Google Dataflow, Big Query, Airflow and writing complex SQL queries in RDBMS and expertise in writing ETL pipelines. 4. Deep knowledge of a variety of Machine Learning and advanced analytical techniques, algorithms and their real-world advantages/drawbacks. 5. Familiarity with the following software/tools: Python, R, Spark/Scala, Jupyter Notebooks, SQL, ML platforms (H2O, DataRobot), and Data visualization tools. 6. Experience in building End to End ML models and productionizing the ML models using different techniques like Kubeflow, AI Platform etc

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