Job details

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Location: Gurugram
Salary: Rs 3 to 6 lacs
Job Type: React JS Developers - Full Time, permanent
Discipline: B-Tech
Reference: EXT-RJS-26-01-0013
Posted: 26-01-2021

React JS Developers - Full Time, permanent

Job description

React JS Developers Full Timer Permanent placement

About the role

React JS Developers Team Culture • We have an open culture that encourages opinions and feedback. I think the best way fo thinking about our culture is to look at the values we believe in: o Sustained excellence - excellence is not a goal, but a journey. We are always in pursuit of finding better ways of doing things and not accepting the status quo. o Be creative; keep learning; innovate - Without continuous learning, one would stagnate and would find it very hard to sustain. o Challenge others to grow: We do not train you to grow; we challenge you to grow. That means you are expected to perform at an increasingly higher level of competence with each project and each passing day. o Work because you want to, not because you have to - Without passion for what you do, you would find it very hard to grow or even sustain.

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