Job details

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Location: Gurugram - Work from Home
Salary: 20 Lacs to 23 Lacs
Job Type: Full time / Permanent Position
Discipline: Bachelors or Masters
Reference: EXT-TABD-31-12-009
Posted: 31-12-2020

Technical Architect - Big Data (Exp: 7 to 9 Years)

Job description

In this role, you'll get to ... • Design and develop large scale data architectures, reusable frameworks and components picking best in class technologies • Marry the business requirements with technology, considering best possible performance and doing a thorough gap analysis • Perform PoCs to accelerate development and help the team get past any technical roadblock • Optimise performance of the deployments and troubleshoot issues along with the team • Setup and deploy development and production environments with appropriate monitoring and alerting • Identify NFRs in the architecture and choose the right technology to suffice • Represent company and it’s technical expertise in customer interactions at different levels including CxOs • Design, debate and Review architectures across the organization • Work along with the team, promoting and educating architecture, its best practices and standards. • Closely work with the business team - balancing the timeline with the deliverables

About the role

Must-have skills On day one we'll expect you to... • Do High and low level technical designs for projects in different technical areas like, realtime analytics, datawarehousing, data lakes. • Build and deploy cloud native solutions on AWS • Have expertise in deployment automation and ML worklfows • Have extensive technical expertise in AWS Big data Stack, distributed computing using technologies like like Spark, Storm, Flink and schema design for Data Warehouses using column oriented DwH like Redshift • Optimise performance of the deployed solution in terms of Processing Time, Query Runtimes, Read/Write Performance • Balance cost with the technical solution to give a cost and performance optimised solution • Actively Participate in Requirement Gathering with the Product owner • Guide and Educate the team during the course of the project on different technical aspects • Help the team debug, resolve and correctly estimate the stories • Identify risks and spikes upfront and help the team resolve them before Iteration start • Ensure code and design quality at all levels in the solution by doing regular reviews and inspections • Have decent technical know how of serverless architectures and frontend technologies • Active participation and keen interest in growing in the technical space • Have excellent written and oral communication skills What separates the best from the rest Added bonuses you have... • Knowledge of Machine learning and different toolkits required • Knowledge of BI tools like Power BI, Tableau Team culture • We have an open culture that encourages opinions and feedback. I think the best way fo thinking about our culture is to look at the values we believe in: o Sustained excellence - excellence is not a goal, but a journey. We are always in pursuit of finding better ways of doing things and not accepting the status quo. o Be creative; keep learning; innovate - Without continuous learning, one would stagnate and would find it very hard to sustain. o Challenge others to grow: We do not train you to grow; we challenge you to grow. That means you are expected to perform at an increasingly higher level of competence with each project and each passing day. o Work because you want to, not because you have to - Without passion for what you do, you would find it very hard to grow or even sustain. o Belief - Belief in yourself and your team to prevail in the face of any challenge. o Team interest before individual interest - Either the team succeeds or fails, no individual alone can succeed without team success

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